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A Day In The Life (Overcoming Adversity)

Most people would rather not be faced with challenges. If they had it their way, life would be easy. Smooth sailing, no bumps in the road, no ripples in the lake. But as we all know, that's not realistic at all. There's no one who's been born who hasn't faced adversity or hardships. But how we overcome those challenges makes us who we are. It shapes us and forms us.

As veterans, we know all to well that in one instant, things can go from bad to worse. It's possible. Its also possible that nothing will happen at all. It could just be an easy day full of sunshine and birds chirping. Or, it could be a tropical storm, replete with strife, chaos and an absolute lack of clarity. It's not "if" it will happen, more often than not it's "when" it will happen. But when it DOES happen, how will we react? Not as veterans, as ordinary citizens.

Everyone isn't a veteran, but everyone faces adversity. Not all people know what its like to be a Marine, but all of us know what despair feels like. The first step to dealing with adversity is facing it. The second step is knowing when to ask for help. If the problem is bigger than we can face then we need to seek assistance. Sometimes for veterans that's hard to do. For members of the general public its equally as hard. But when we work, seek counsel and come together, we learn that adversity can be overcome. It can be defeated, we can win.

As we go through our days, weeks and months let's all keep our fellow citizens on our minds. Its not enough to pay lip service to lofty ideals like: "teamwork", "brotherhood" and "fellowship". We must live it. And to do so, we have to be aware of the lives of others. What are they going through? How can I help? How can I get involved? We need our everyday fellow American citizens and we all need each other. We must prepare for the storm, not wish it away. Plan, not procrastinate.

There is no obstacle we cannot collectively overcome. There's no problem too big for all of us. And adversity, although profound and oftentimes unexpected, can be dealt with. As citizens of Aurora, and as Americans, let us all help each other become stronger and more resolute. Let us all be aware of the common challenges we face and let us all resolve to help each other.

Let us not fear the storm; let us prepare for it. Together.


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