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Aurora's Next Generation

Service, sacrifice, motivation, selflessness; these are all words to describe the qualities of leaders. Doing things for the benefit of others is also what makes one a leader. Over many generations in our nation countless such people have answered the proverbial call of duty. That desire to serve or to lead could be a personal self-calling or it could be a desire to help the public. Or the nation.

Oftentimes, the only person who knows the exact motivations of such an honorable desire is that individual answering that call. From big cities and small towns, grandiose or humble beginnings, the qualities are all the same. Like a fire that cannot be extinguished it burns and grows and is continuously fueled because it's catalyst is honorable. It's more than just "something to do". It's not simply a "why not" type of decision. Its a commitment.

Sometimes it feels as if the pertinent passions or relevant motivations of why individuals choose to serve are inexplicable. But they aren't. If you ask people why they choose selflessness over selfishness, they have a reason. The questions elicit responses which may be special or important only to the person being asked, but, they have a reason. Sometimes the reasons are personal. A personal challenge to answer those internal questions: "what if?", "why not me?" or "why can't I?"

Without doubt, all of those are a far stronger choice than doing nothing. This is what the next generation of Aurora youth have in spades: strength and the qualities of leadership. With a rich and vibrant history of those who've served our country they draw upon the examples set by those who came before them. We, as a city, are inspired and proud of our youth who choose to serve in the armed forces. They reinforce who we are as a city, a nation and a people and we are all better because of them.

Aurora's past is rich in honorable tradition and history. Aurora's present is vibrant, alive and overflowing with positive energy. Aurora's future is bright and in the hands of our next generation.

Aurora's next generation is as strong as can be.

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