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Freedom Isn't Free

In light of the recent tragedy that struck close to home here in Aurora, we wanted to take a moment and express our feelings. It's times like this that we feel are worthwhile moments to remind ourselves, as a nation, why we do what we do. And also, who the individuals are in our beloved military who put their lives on the line for us.

We all go to work, we tend to our daily lives and take care of our kids but what is the glue that holds us together? Is it really just a matter of waking up every day? Is it only about taking care of ourselves as individuals? What takes place to ensure the decent day to day freedoms we as civilians enjoy? Who makes the sacrifices to keep us safe?

To our fellow veterans that have served, we know the answer to this question. Large sections of the public know this too. Life is very precious; at age 21 and age 29, respectively, PFC Villalon & Staff Sgt. McLaughlin gave the ultimate sacrifice in their defense of our collective freedoms. Aurora is the second largest city in Illinois, but at times it can feel small. The things that happen to our country happen as a nation. Tragedies like this hit very close to home.

From the west side of Aurora to the east side, downtown and everywhere in-between; freedom isn't free. Classmates, family members, neighbors and friends; freedom isn't free. From elementary school to college, from the workers to the retired, freedom isn't free. Let us all work together for a better America in our own positive ways. We owe it to Miguel Villalon & Ian McLaughlin.

Freedom isn't free.

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