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Friday Thoughts About Aurora

After a great cup of coffee at Two Brothers Roundhouse and a chat with friends, it was time for the 1st meeting of the day. With a smile, handshake and a hug we met and stood on the corner of Broadway and New York Street. As the firefighters took a morning run around the block we admired the hustle and bustle of downtown at that very moment. It was noisy, a little windy, and the sun was playing a curious game of hide and seek with its warm rays.

We talked about our current targets and initiatives as we strolled to our workplace. The conversation started over the phone and now we were here together and ready to get the ball rolling. Every five minutes however we stopped and I found myself explaining the landscape of Aurora. On Broadway right before Galena we stood and marveled at the construction taking place. Workers working, drivers driving; a cacophony of robust excitement that made our downtown seem alive and thriving.

Down Downer we went and we took a moment to stand in front of City Hall. I explained that here was where the Mayor's briefing was held and other fun facts. Like a true tourist, my new friend just had to take a picture in front of City Hall. And just like that, I was a photographer! I'd finished my cup of coffee by this time and my friend had not had any yet. I explained that it just so happens that our brainstorming session for the day would take place in a place with excellent coffee.

And so it was that we were 19 minutes behind for our brainstorming session. We'd taken 32 pictures, made 4 short videos and met 6 of our store-owners and friends. There is so much going on this great city that it was very humbling to show it off and explain it all. When we finally made it to home base (Tredwell Coffee) we settled in and got right down to work. Our veterans are our priority and we spent our time planning, discussing and preparing ourselves for the year. The meeting ended on a positive and uplifting note; the excitement of what's to come was palpable.

"I've still got another hour and 10 minutes before I have to leave. I'm Irish, are there any good Irish restaurants in this town?" I smiled and said I knew just the place.

And just like that, the tour continued.


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