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Helping Others Deal With Isolation

Even the most mundane or boring activities to one person can be exciting and necessary to another person. As we’ve all been experiencing this quarantine together, we’re all pretty much unanimous that we miss something from the old days. Something we used to do but don’t or can’t do anymore. Depending on what that may have been the loss of that activity is probably biting.

“The new normal” or “what will the new normal be” are phrases and questions that we’ve been noticing more frequently in articles and discussions. But a “new normal” is a state we have to arrive at, and we’re apparently not there yet. Many people have been and still are, dealing with isolation. This is a more poignant concern for some than others because isolation is currently the new normal for them. As a council, we care about our fellow veterans and we try to check on people as much as we can.

From a stroll to a favorite coffee place or grabbing the daily paper, some activities have been lost for our veterans. Getting out of the house and mingling was a way for them to beat the isolation and they no longer do that. It's in times like these that we want to recommend checking up on our seniors and fellow veterans making sure they’re okay. Take a moment out of your day, don’t text, and actually call a friend or family member. It's a very small action but it has such a profound effect.

As a council, we all have family we take care of and some of us still work. Although we aren’t able to physically associate, we do what we can to be aware of the well-being of each other. This is important to do and all of us can have an impact on the lives of others. Books, movies and FaceTime are great ways to stay connected. Veterans mental and emotional health is always at the forefront of our concerns and the City Of Aurora has great resources and help; for yourself or anyone needing help. For those who have found themselves isolated, alone or perhaps suffering from anxiety, we can all help by reaching out to them. Even if just to say hello!

Let’s keep the mental and emotional well-being of everyone (especially our veterans and seniors) in our thoughts as we go about our new lives. Write a letter, FaceTime, or dial a number and call someone. Let’s all help everyone deal with isolation in a positive fashion. Together we can do so much!


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