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Tredwell Is Back!

Updated: Apr 29

Social distancing and being under quarantine has been a challenge for us all. In more ways than one it seems! From stores to shops to dine-in restaurants much of what was normal is now gone. Or temporarily gone.

One of our favorite places was Tredwell coffee. It was closed for about 3 weeks and a light left Downer Place. Located next door to Wyckwood House it was great place to get work done and have quick meetings. Its a very friendly place and the owner and staff really look out for our veterans.

So when they closed it was a huge blow! It was upsetting because what was a strong sense of community seemed to go away. From sharing ideas, culture and live music; Tredwell adds to Aurora. The Hot Apple Caramel Cider is wonderful as well and a must have! So yesterday it was a blessing to see that they have returned with limited hours and curbside pickup. Yes!

There's also a few veterans who show up for their early morning coffee and chat at Tredwell. Yesterday morning on the first day of re-opening it was great to talk and chat with some of these awesome people to see how they were holding up. We were all properly socially distanced, we couldn't shake hands, but for that brief moment life was good again. It was fun. It was normal.

That's the value of people, individuals and to a small business. When we come together we can learn and value so much more. Its good to see our friends at Tredwell coming back to downtown Aurora and it was good to see the local vets come out. We're pleased to help do our part in social distancing and supporting our city and leadership. What matters most is safety, so lets all do our part and stay safe.

But lets also remember our small businesses and their employees. Let's remember to pay it forward and share a kind word about your favorite service or small business. If you're ever in the downtown Aurora area swing by Tredwell and check them out. They love our vets and they are an integral fabric of Aurora. And the coffee's great!


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